All Things Family

Families come in all shapes and sizes. So whether you live in a nuclear family, blended family, single adult family, multigenerational family, we are all connected to someone. Also, there are numerous twists and turns that happen throughout family development. You may be in the process of starting a family, raising children, heading out into the world on your own for the first time, or launching young adult children. I believe our family of origin is part of what influences who we become but it’s only part of the story. I also believe we carry the strength and wisdom to author the rest of our life.

When it comes to All Things Family the one constant is change. Some changes we choose, others we don’t. Through counselling, you’ll have the opportunity to befriend yourself, embrace your power and connect to your own life energy while finding ways to stay in relationship with others in your life.

• Family of Origin
• Postpartum/Attachment Care
• Childhood phases & stages- parenting coach
• Loss of a child or family member- grief
• Blending families
• Launching/Empty Nest
• Clarity Coaching during and post separation/divorce
• Attachment Styles in Relationships

Parenting Consulting Services
1) New Ways Families through the High Conflict Institute
2) Meeting with Children: A Child-Centred Approach through International Centre for Children and Family Law

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