Somatic Experiencing/Trauma Care

Individuals: Perhaps you have heard of Somatic Experiencing as a way of caring and tending to traumas stored in the body. This form of therapy is beneficial for people who are or have experienced traumatic events (anything too fast, too soon and/or unwanted).

• Medical trauma
• Vicarious trauma
• Work stress
• Relational Trauma

SE Students: I am an approved session provider for students of the SE Community. As an SE Practitioner I have integrated SE into my practice as a Child/Family Specialist, Psycho Social Cancer Care Counsellor and Registered Yoga Teacher. SE session credits will be provided to beginner and intermediate students. Sessions are intended to support the experiential learning process of SE. Whether you are near or far sessions can be provided either in person or via Zoom.

• Rates will align with those determined at your training site.
• Beginner & Intermediate SE Students

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